Initiated by two outdoor sports lovers, Matthieu Couet and Edouard Gohin, Uptrack+ is a new video platform for adventure enthusiasts.

This project is co-founded by François D'Haene and Courtney Dauwalter, two of the most iconic ultra runners.

Matthieu Couet: "Uptrack+ aims to become a leading educational video platform in the world of outdoor sports. In these adventure sports, benefitting from the experience of the most experienced practitioners is key to progress. That's why we wanted to work with François and Courtney, two iconic and very experienced athletes, for these first masterclasses."

Edouard Gohin: "This project was born from meetings with mountain and endurance sports enthusiasts. We work in collaboration with both elite and amateur athletes. We want to bridge the knowledge gap between amateur and professional athletes. "
Kit média (photos, illustrations, logos)

François D'Haene's Masterclass

For the launch of the Uptrack+ platform, the iconic French runner François D'Haene (4x winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, 4x winner of the Diagonale des Fous), released his exclusive video Masterclass.

All the information concerning this launch (communication elements, photos, teasers, quotes...) is gathered in our press release and media kit.

Courtney Dauwalter's Masterclass

A few weeks after winning the Diagonale des Fous 2022, Courtney Dauwalter shares her Masterclass on Uptrack+.

All the information about this Masterclass (communication elements, pictures, teasers, quotes...) is gathered in our press release and media kit.
Download the press release of November 16, 2022.