François D'Haene

Achieving your trail running goals

"In this masterclass, I teach you everything I learned during my trail running journey."

1 masterclass · 14 episodes
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A complete masterclass

Within this masterclass, François D'Haene, winner of the most iconic trail running races (UTMB, Hardrock 100, Diagonale des Fous), synthesizes all the lessons he has learned.

Training, progression, injuries management, mental health, pre-race management, nutrition... 

This masterclass will bring keys to progress to beginners, experienced runners and to people who want to discover trail and ultra running.

Masterclass program

1 Masterclass · 3 Chapters
14 Episodes · 1h40 of video
14 E-books · 3 Training sessions
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Module 1 · Trail running fundamentals
Module 1 · Episode 1 · 3 minutes
The trail running legend presents the program of the masterclass.
Meet François D’Haene
Module 1 · Episode 2 · 10 minutes
Meet the mentor who will guide you throughout this masterclass.
Self-assessment methods
Module 1 · Episode 3 · 6 minutes
Learn the self assessment method of François: A keystone of his training method.
How to smartly set your goal
Module 1 · Episode 4 · 6 minutes
Here is how set goals that make sense in the short and long term.
Season planning methods
Module 1 · Episode 5 · 7 minutes
François teaches you his season planning method: When, where, and why should you race?
The 4 principles of trail running training
Module 1 · Episode 6 · 8 minutes
François reveals the 4 pillars of his training method and teaches you how to implement them.
Module 2 · The keys to progress
Get better in the downhills
Module 2 · Episode 7 · 4 minutes
Learn a training session that will help you reduce muscle and nerve fatigue on the downhills.
The keys to efficient interval training
Module 2 · Episode 8 · 9 minutes
Interval training is a training method known to most runners. But do you do it the right, and most efficient way?
How to efficiently chain uphills and downhills
Module 2 · Episode 9 · 4 minutes
The sequence of uphills and downhills is often an overlooked aspect of trail running training. Here's why and how to prepare your body to it.
How to prevent injuries
Module 2 · Episode 11 · 8 minutes
Injury is a sportsperson's worst enemy. Discover François' approach to preventing and managing injuries.
The secret of running longevity
Module 2 · Episode 11 · 8 minutes
In this episode, François reveals his global approach and his secret to maximizing running longevity.
Module 3 · Achieving your goals
What you should do 2 months before your objective
Module 2 · Episode 12 · 7 minutes
As D-day approaches, many questions arise. In this episode, François presents the approach he recommends for the 2 months leading up to a race, from training to nutrition to stress management.
What you should do 2 weeks before your objective
Module 2 · Episode 13 · 8 minutes
The two weeks leading up to a race are special. Find out what mistakes to avoid and best practices.
Achieving your goal: The key points to remember
Module 2 · Episode 14 · 7 minutes
In the last episode of this masterclass, we come back to the key points to remember to reach your trail running goals.
Valentin St-Maxent
Has been trail running for 4 years. I prefer for long formats (more than 70K)
"Preparing yourself, going above your limits, performing, but above all, respecting your body. A video format adapted to each level which covers the essential aspects of a healthy preparation by underlining the importance of psychology. An aspect usually underestimated!
Séverine Olivier
I got hooked by trail running 7 years ago, my goal is to explore a maximum of landscapes with or without looking at my time or speed
"I learned many things in this masterclass! I was able to successfully complete my last 50km trail by applying the training tips and training blocks before my race."
Ludovic Collet
Ludovic Collet
Speaker on the UTMB, the Grand Raid and dozens of other races
"The fact that François has won the Diagonale des fous 4 times and the UTMB 4 times, put him at the top of the ultra running world. He gathered a lot of knowledge and experience during these years at the best level."
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