Courtney Dauwalter

The Ultra Runner Mindset

"Anyone can do an ultramarathon. I want to share all the things I wish I had known sooner."

1 Masterclass · 3 Chapters · 12 Episodes
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A unique learning experience

Courtney Dauwalter, the iconic ultra runner who has won all the major races (Western States, Hardrock 100, Le Grand Raid, UTMB...) shares the secrets of her approach to ultra running.

Mental strength, training, how to build ultra endurance, strength routines... Courtney shares her knowledge and her experience.

This Masterclass is for anyone interested in ultra running. As Courtney says, "Anyone can do an ultramarathon."

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1 Masterclass · 3 Chapters
12 Episodes · 1h35 of video
1 Strength routine · 12 E-books
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Chapter 1 · Building the ultra runner mindset
Episode 1 · Chapter 1 · 3 minutes
Anyone can do an ultramarathon. Courtney Dauwalter tells us what we will cover in her masterclass.
Meet Courtney Dauwalter
Episode 2 · Chapter 1 · 14 minutes
Meet Courtney, the iconic ultra runner who will be your mentor during this masterclass.
How to develop your mental strength
Episode 3 · Chapter 1 · 13 minutes
A strong mind will allow you to exceed your limits. Here are Courtney's methods for developing mental toughness.
Making the most of your failures
Episode 4 · Chapter 1 · 10 minutes
Failure is the best way to learn. This is also the hard way. Making the most of your failures is crucial in ultrarunning.
How to make it a team sport
Episode 5 · Chapter 1 · 15 minutes
Although you run it alone, an ultramarathon is a team sport. Here's why.
Chapter 2 · Overcoming ultra running challenges
Methods for developing your running endurance
Episode 6 · Chapter 2 · 11 minutes
It takes a lot of endurance to finish an ultramarathon. Discover Courtney's methods for developing your ability to run for a long time.
How to deal with running at night
Episode 7 · Chapter 2 · 11 minutes
Ultra running comes with specific challenges: From dealing with lack of sleep to dealing with hallucinations. Here's how Courtney approaches it.
How to manage nutrition and hydration during an ultra
Episode 8 · Chapter 2 · 4 minutes
Ultra running is an eating and drinking challenge. Here's Courtney's approach to letting the calories in during an ultramarathon.
Chapter 3 · Mastering ultra running key principles
Key principles before a race
Episode 9 · Chapter 3 · 7 minutes
Courtney goes over the key things to know when approaching a race.
Recovering after the race
Episode 10 · Chapter 3 · 2 minutes
Recovering from a race is essential to having a sustainable practice of ultrarunning. Here are Courtney's best practices.
Strength routines to prevent injuries
Episode 11 · Chapter 3 · 3 minutes
Here's the strength routine Courtney follows daily to prevent injuries.
Finding joy in running: Identify your driver
Episode 12 · Chapter 3 · 7 minutes
Fun is the key! Courtney talks about her approach to ultra running and why she loves it.
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