The story of Uptrack+

Fondateurs Uptrack+
We are Edouard and Matthieu, longtime friends and co-founders of Uptrack+.

The beginning with Uptrack Club

En 2021, we started trail running (Matthieu comes from triathlon, Edouard comes from marathon).

We created Uptrack Club, a community for trail running enthusiasts, to meet other runners and make progress together.

We wanted to go further

At the beginning of 2022, we decided to take the project to another level. We wanted to create a state-of-the art train running online course: The most complete and enjoyable online course.

Who would be better mentors than Courtney Dauwalter and François D'Haene for learning trail and ultra running?

François D'Haene and Courtney Dauwalter join the project

At the beginning of 2022, François and Courtney announced that they were willing to join the project and that they were aligned with Uptrack+ values and vision.

A few months later, we are happy to release the first trail and ultra running Masterclasses: those of François D'Haene and Courtney Dauwalter.

Their track records and longevity attest to their extensive experience. They share their secrets, methods, and philosophies in front of the Uptrack+ cameras.

More surprises on the way

And if you like outdoor sports and adventure, you should like it.

But we can't tell you more at this stage... Stay tuned!